8 Types of bridal Lehenga to Flare your Ethnic Look

8 Types of bridal Lehenga to Flare your Ethnic Look

If it’s a bride-to-be, more than half of the onus of her looks goes to the bridal Lehenga that she chooses to wear. Before deciding to buy one, you must know the variety of Lehengas that the fashion world has and which one is the best for your body type.

Find out which one is the suits you the most!!

  1. Circular/ Flared Lehenga
  2. Mermaid/ Fishtail Lehenga
  3. Panelled Lehenga
  4. A-Line Lehenga
  5. Sharara cut Lehenga
  6. Straight Cut Lehenga
  7. Lehangas with a Jacket
  8. Half Saree Lehenga

1. Circular/ Flared bridal Lehenga

This bridal lehenga has a broad flare and forms a complete circle at the hem. The bridal Lehenga has extreme volume and starts with numerous pleats at the hem. If you are interested in designing your lehenga, choose fabrics that can take a number of pleats and go for huge borders at the botom.

designer lehenga choli images, designer lehenga images


Special Feature: Adds Extreme volume below the waist
Length Of Choli: Short length choli with a subtle Design
Fabrics: Brocade, Jacquard, Georgette, Crepe, Silk
Perfect for: Apple (or V shape), Pear Shape, Hourglass Shape, Straight (or Rectangle) Shape
Worst Choice For: Women with very slim waists (Since it can look clumsy if waists are too tiny

2. Mermaid/ Fishtail Lehenga

These lehenga are tight at the knees and flare from the calves in the form of a fishtail. These lehenga are tighter at the hips.

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Special Feature: Accentuates the Hips
Length Of Choli: Short halter-neck choli
Fabrics: Brocade, Jacquard, Georgette, New Silk, Art Silk
Perfect for: Hourglass and Rectangle body shape
Worst Choice For: Apple Shape, Pear Shape and Thin Body Type

3. Panelled Lehenga

This lehenga consists of horizontal panels of fabrics attached along the flare of the lehenga. the volume of the flare is increased due to too many panels of fabrics . Also, a contrasting set of fabrics is used to give colourful designs.

designer lehenga choli, designer wedding lehenga

Special Feature: It creates a slimming Effect, Hides and Extra Flab
Length Of Choli: Long Cholis
Fabrics: Brocade, Jacquard, Georgette, New Silk
Perfect for: Hourglass Shape, Pear Shape, and Petite Body Type
Worst Choice For: Apple Shape, Straight (or Rectangle) Shape, and Skinny Body Type

4. A-Line Lehenga

The A- line lehenga has the usual A-line hem that forms a perfect A. The bridal lehenga is tighter at the waist , the number of pleats in this lehenga are quite less and flares out to the bottom..


Special Feature: Perfect ad Elegant, Easier to carry
Length Of Choli: Varying lengths can go with this lehenga
Fabrics: , New Silk
Perfect for: Hourglass, Pear Shape, and Tall Body Struct

5. Sharara cut Lehenga

These are lehengas that are stitched from the middle of the hem like a huge plazo but looks like a lehenga as a whole. These are usually worn by muslim brides.

bridal lehenga choli, bridal lehenga designs
Wedding Sharara cut Lehenga from Bigindianwedding.com

Special Feature: Trousers in the form of a Lehenga
Length Of Choli: Long Kurtis till hips or calves
Fabrics: Brocade, Jacquard, Georgette, New Silk, Cotton, Crepe
Perfect for: Apple Shape, Hourglass Shape, Pear Shape, Straight (or Rectangle) Shape, and Tall Body Structure
Worst Choice For: Petite and women with too slim legs

6. Straight Cut Lehenga

A straight cut lehenga is the most versatile option and goes well with almost all the body types, indicates that , has a straight skirt that flows along the body curves and doesn’t flare out like the usual lehengas.


Special Feature: Flows with the body curves
Length Of Choli: Choli Blouse, Blouse
Fabrics:  New Silk
Perfect for: Hourglass Shape, Apple Shape and Straight (or Rectangle) Shape

7. Lehangas with a Jacket

This style is very fresh in the world of weddings and is getting into the top hits these days.  Since only the hem of the lehenga is visible through the jacket, these often have broad laces or heavy work on them.With the type of jacket that you chose, you can have a variety of looks from rich and elegant ones to subtle and decent ones as well.


These are a perfect option for your wedding reception.

Special Feature: Hides the extra fats(if you are plump) or creates volume(if you’re too skinny)
Length Of Choli: Long jackets
Fabrics: Brocade, Jacquard, Georgette, New Silk
Perfect for: Hourglass, Apple, Inverted Triangle and Tall Body Structure
Worst Choice For: Pear Shape and Petite Women

8. Half Saree Lehenga

Inspired from the traditional South Indian half saree, this lehenga gives a virtual saree look without the need to go through the hassle of tying one. The look is basically due to the way one drapes the dupatta with the lehenga. It usually is a low flare A-line lehenga.

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Special Feature: Gives a Virtual Sari look
Length Of Choli: Choli blouse
Fabrics: Brocade, Jacquard, Georgette, New Silk, Cotton
Perfect for: Hourglass, Apple, Pear Shape, and Tall Body Structure
Worst Choice For: Petite Women