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History Of Phulkari

Phulkari A rural traditional art of crafting embroidered Odhani used exclusively by women in Punjab in older time.

Phul means : Flower

Kari means : Work

Its is also known As Gulkari. A very intricate needle work, Along with bright colored thread mainly……Red,Orange,Blue,Green……………..Colors Which Shows Life,Happiness and Warmth

Origin Of Phulkari :Phulkari was brought to the Indian subcontinent by the migrant jat people of central Asia In Ancient times….

Techniques And patterns of Phulkari were not documented but spread by the word of mouth each regional group was identifiable by its unique Embroidery work

The Perfect Piece:
A perfect gift for those who love collecting unique handmade products. Traditional Phulkari is perfect gift for any occasion